Thursday, October 1, 2020

Where the White Awaits -- Fall Frenzy Writing Contest

Where the White Awaits 

TK Richards

I despise travelling this lonely road. Fearful there is truth to the myth of what lurks in the fog below. They say it’s the breath of spirits singing that bring death, and if you look closely, creatures float in the thick of it.

I close my eyes when we descend into its entrance. The golden leaves hover above, welcoming us into the abyss of its secret. The fallen cloud veils thinly against the windows, then suddenly turns opaque. The car slows down and my body tenses. My eyes shut tight from fear.

Secretly I want to open them and search for one of the mystical beasts suspended in its wrath, but I‘m too afraid of what the mist may reveal to me. Afraid if I allow what lurks in its density to stare into my eyes, it will attach to my soul, and become a part of me.

“Hurry, hurry,” I silently whisper from the backseat, but our speed remains the same until the tires squeal atop the sunken surface. Bam! My eyes open as my mom screams and we halt. “What was that?” I ask. She exhales deeply, turns around towards me and whispers, “It’s outside your window.”