Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fall Frenzy Flipped--The Ground Cloud Creature

Lydia Lukidis & Kaitlyn Sanchez, hosts of the Fall Writing Frenzy prompted writers to flip their original story. Here's my entry turned upside down for my original submission entitled Where The White Awaits.

The Ground Cloud Creature

Foggy mornings are a gift, allowing me freedom to explore the woods, obscured by the thickness of heaven’s mist. If the veil thins you’ll see me, but don’t let our eyes meet. 


This place is full of wonder, such beauty and mystique. I discover something new on every visit. Must be the work of the weird ones who walk upright on two feet. We mistook their smiles as peaceful, now we live in hiding until nature dictates our return.


The orange, red, and yellow leaves are my favorite of all. I see their hues up close as branches crack below my feet. They adorn against my white coat like flowers against Chantilly lace. What a marvelous sight to behold.


Loud roars in the distance make me nervous, and so I run in the maze seeking a place to hide, ending up on a dull, hard surface. Somehow the noise is closer and I’m blinded by bright lights. An F sharp sound forces me to halt. A whirring sound draws me in and I tip toe towards it, where two eyes greet me behind a glass barrier, wide and full of fear. It is the two-legged one I do not trust.