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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hosting Event

Join me in Kylie’s Fiction Addiction https://www.facebook.com/groups/kyliesfictionaddiction/?ref=share on Monday night at 8:00pm for giveaways, games, and books to kick off this Holiday season. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Full Set Giveaway

Head over to my Instagram page to enter for a giveaway of all three books in my Hummus Series.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thirsty Thursday Thread from Book Two, Hummus: A Taste of the Forbidden—I watched him walk as if he was in charge of the place and immediately confirmed he was cocky. He had an office so he was definitely important, but I didn’t care to ask his position. “Is it warm enough in here?” he asked. “Yeah it’s fine. I’m thawing pretty nicely.” “The food should be here any minute.” “Thanks for showing me around. I was beginning to go stir crazy in my apartment. All I do is go straight home after work every day.” “I’m glad you called. I enjoyed your company this afternoon.” “When we met you asked me a million questions.” “But you refused to answer any of them.” “Now it’s my turn. Where is your wife?” LNKPublishing 2018 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tuesday Teaser from Hummus Book One

It wasn’t the way I would have said goodbye to him, but I understood the gift he was giving me. Our time would forever be cherished, I just wished I had one last kiss to taste from him before my departure. Unable to remain composed I left the reception and went up to our room, searching for something with his scent on it, but he had packed all of his belongings when he left for France. The only thing remaining in the room with his aroma was the pillow he slept on, which I clung to in my arms, trying to imprint the fragrance on my brain. I checked my phone for missed calls, but there was nothing. I paced the room in disbelief I let this happen, until a knock on the door disturbed me from my insanity. It was Khai. She had been watching me play pretend all day, and came to console my aching heart. We cleaned my dripping mascara, and touched up the red areas on my face to conceal my emotional rollercoaster.
rollercoaster. We returned to the reception where I turned down offers to dance, and sat alone in the spectator chairs, straight-faced and forlorn with an occasional fake smile. Isla was waiting for this moment all week and walked towards me with a simpering face. I knew what she was up to before she spoke as the tension ran down my spine, prepared for her to belittle me. “I didn’t expect you to be all alone tonight. In fact, you’ve been without Mr. Wonderful for a few days now. Where is Mister 1s and 2s?” she probed. “He’s working in Paris this weekend,” I said determined not to let her get under my skin. “Oh too bad. Well hopefully he’ll see you off when we fly home tomorrow. You know back to reality.” “Is there something you want to say Isla?” I asked pressing my lips together trying to maintain my composure. “I guess the fairy tale is over huh.“