Friday, January 8, 2016

Todd & Landon from The Crossing Book 3 of On Track But Off Course

Todd and Landon from THE CROSSING-Book 3 of the series ON TRACK BUT OFF COURSE Available January 12, 2016

"You seem peaceful.”
“Almost. There’s only one piece of the puzzle missing for me now,” he said and he walked closer towards her, “I’m sorry but I have to kiss you.”
Todd kissed Landon on her lips and was surprised that she didn’t resist him. He pulled away and looked her in the eyes, admiring the reflection of himself in them. Landon stared back at him and asked, “Why did you have to kiss me?”
“I want to do that every time I see you,” he replied.
“You know I can’t…”
“Just one last time. Say yes to me.”
“Todd I never cheated on you, and I can’t cheat on him either.”
“You said him.”
“You normally say his name.”
“Todd I…”
He leaned in and kissed her again, “It’s not cheating. It’s with me.”
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