Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Drying My Tears

This morning before I left home I read a post that said don't let a bad day ruin a new one. I had a great day yesterday and thought nothing of what I read. Well today turned out to be my bad day. Horrendous actually. I ended up crying and I'm far from a wuss. Anyway the day isn't over and my night turned around. The crying might have helped because sometimes you just need a good cry. Then this happened.  Singer, Actress Aubrey Peeples saw my tweet where I loved the song she sang tonight on Nashville and she favorited it. Totally made my night.  Yes I screenshot it and yes I'm sharing it. If you had a bad day today I hope yours turns around like mine. Maybe I saw that post a day too early. The Song "Can't stop a heart that has made up its mind" Goodnight