Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I know I have been M.I.A. Apologies on my behalf, but The Crossing is finally complete. It is longer than the previous two books in the series but I think you are going to love it. At least I hope you do.
It is the holiday season and I have been extremely busy as I am sure most of you have been too. It's also crying season for me. I get emotional when my daughter takes to the stage. It reminds me of my youth when I thought the world of the entertainment industry only to learn it was not all it cracked up to be. Hint: I'd prefer to be behind the scenes. Getting back on topic, I have spent the past month on serious mommy duty and writing at every spare moment to get this book out before the end of 2015.  Now that The Two Claras production has been a success I'm happy to announce  Book 3 in the On Track but Off Course series 'The Crossing' is ready for pre-order. Again I hope you love it. Two things did get me going last week to get here. Check it out. My MCM and chosen eye candy for Walter Reed acknowledged my existence as well as best selling author Meredith Wild. It was all I needed to conclude that 2016 looks like a promising year.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Manic Monday Pick Me Up

Landon and her sister Launa from Derailed:

She returned back to the bleachers with her family and noticed a shift in her sister’s mood who questioned her, “What did he say to you down there?” Landon found it strange that her sister would ask something that personal and answered her question with a question.
“Why? Is there something about him I should know?” she asked.
“You’d be amazed how much you think you know about a person to find that you know not...hing about them at all,” replied Launa, “Humph, it’s easy to see he still has eyes for you though.”
“Nah, he just hasn’t seen me in a long time. That’s all that was.”
“No. I could see all the way up here how he was gawking at you.”
“Gawking? He only asked me to hang out with him tonight.”
“Do you think I should cancel?”
“What is going on with you and Todd?”
“I don’t know L. It’s rough out here. I’d take half a man at this point.”
“You sound like mama.”
“She knows my struggle and just about every other woman’s struggle our age. These men out here are something else.”
“Well I am still married so it’s not like I am going to fall in love with someone else right away. I’m just meeting an old friend. That’s all.”
“Where are y’all meeting tonight?”
“The playground.”
“Launa talk to me. Tell me what I am missing because it sounds like you know something I need to know about him.”
“Hopefully he will tell you himself, but if he doesn’t I will. Just promise me you won’t sleep with him.”
“I can’t promise that. That one night still haunts me. I wonder to this day what it would have been like.”
“Seems like he is still wondering too. He was smiling at you like he was about to collect a debt.”
“Whatever. You have me worried about meeting him now. To hell with it. I’m not going.”
“No you should go. If anything go and get closure for that one night, but do not sleep with him.”
“I promise I won’t sleep with him.”

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Jay and Millicent from Book Two of The Series On Track But Off Course

Second Excerpt from Derailed:

“What is it exactly that you want with me?”
“You know what I want.”
“I’m listening.”
“I want you to move out of these married folks house and move in with me for starters. Give these two the privacy they deserve. Especially after what happened today. They are going to need it. You said you are too afraid to be alone right now. Well I’m right here. Let me make you feel safe.”
“Jay there isn’t anything about you and me that makes sense.”
“That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be right. And I bet it would feel right too.”
“Which head are you using to talk right now?”
“Both,” he said smiling.
“You love yourself don’t you?”
“Let me love you.”
“You don’t know the first thing about love. Wait, why am I even having this conversation with you right now. I am smarter than this.”
“That might be your problem.”
“What might be my problem?”
“You think too much. That’s why you don’t have a man. Take a chance for once. I swear you won’t regret it.”
“I think I will.”
“There you go again thinking,” Jay said moving closer to her.
“Stay over there Jay.”
“I mean it. Don’t come any further.”
“You know you want me to come closer.”
“Why are you so sure of yourself?”
“I don’t second guess my first mind and my first mind tells me that you and I could be the real thing,” he said now standing in her personal space, “I still don’t see your boyfriend that I told you not to get close to. I’m the only one standing here.”
“A lot of people are going to get hurt if we do this.”
“The only feelings I care about from this moment on is yours, mine and my sons,” he said as he took her face by the hands and kissed her lips, “Now tell me you didn’t feel that.”
“I felt something,” she hinted.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Drying My Tears

This morning before I left home I read a post that said don't let a bad day ruin a new one. I had a great day yesterday and thought nothing of what I read. Well today turned out to be my bad day. Horrendous actually. I ended up crying and I'm far from a wuss. Anyway the day isn't over and my night turned around. The crying might have helped because sometimes you just need a good cry. Then this happened.  Singer, Actress Aubrey Peeples saw my tweet where I loved the song she sang tonight on Nashville and she favorited it. Totally made my night.  Yes I screenshot it and yes I'm sharing it. If you had a bad day today I hope yours turns around like mine. Maybe I saw that post a day too early. The Song "Can't stop a heart that has made up its mind" Goodnight

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sneak Peek at Part 3 The Crossing On Track But Off Course

“What’s been going on with you?” Tammy asked.

“Nothing much. You know same ole same ole,” Landon answered nonchalantly.

“You don’t look like same ole same ole. No one could get you on the phone yesterday. I tried you a few times myself. What were you doing yesterday?”

Landon stuttered, “I, I, um, well…”

“You only stutter when you are about to tell me a quick one,” said Tammy, “You know you are a horrible liar. What’s up?”

“I don’t know if I am ready to share this or not.”

“I promise I will keep it in the vault.”

“Seriously you can’t even tell your husband about this.”

“I promise I won’t tell his can’t hold water ass nothing,” she said laughing.

“Okay. I’m seeing someone.”

“I knew it. You are glowing so much I can see a halo over your head. What is he like?”

“He’s kind, attentive, generous, sexy, athletic, good-looking, well-mannered.”

“All of that? Damn. Where did you meet him?”


“Uh-oh. He better not be married Landon.”

“He’s not married and you know I wouldn’t do that.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“You’ve kind of met him already.”

Derailed Is Making It's Way Around

Thank you Tenesha! I hope you enjoy Part 2. Part 3 is going to have you screaming!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekend Offers

This weekend we are offering 2 for $20 or all 3 for $30 which includes shipping. Send your request directly to LNKPUBLISHINGSOUTH@GMAIL.COM or comment here or on Facebook to be contacted about your order. As always reviews are appreciated. Orders will include 2 CDs free of charge as an added bonus. Thanks.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

DERAILED is finally here!

I am so excited to announce the sequel to On Track But Off Course is finally finished and available on Amazon.com tonight. It will also be available in paperback later this week and on other sites where books are sold. BAM, B&N, Kobo, Google Play and Createspace. Thank you to all that have waited patiently to find out what Landon, Millicent, Jen, Jay, Todd and Jules have been up. Part 3: The Crossing is already in the works, but for now enjoy Derailed and let me know what you think about it.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Positive Reviews

I just wanted to post this lovely review of #ontrackbutoffcourse It has made my weekend ten times better and more productive. The second editing session of the sequel OTBOC:DERAILED should be complete this week with proof orders to follow. If you are interested in being a beta reader please email me with your request.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I haven't had much to say with the chaos happening in my hometown. I haven't promoted any of my work, but I was able to continue writing as of yesterday. I hope with my mind and heart being heavy at the moment that I am producing a project to take people's minds off of the problems we are facing and escape.
I am pleased to hear of Misty Copeland's achievement tonight as it makes me proud. Congratulations to her and good night.

Charleston My Hometown 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Where Did the Weekend Go

Time waits for no one and it definitely didn't wait on me this weekend.  I feel like I didn't get much accomplished this weekend even though I was up at 4 a.m. changing a story line on my next project.  I had a great time with my mom and sister on Saturday and an even better Mother's Day.  I hope all the mothers out there enjoyed their day as much as I did. Now I sit and wait for whatever emotional ride Game of Thrones is going to throw at me tonight. Good day everyone and love you mom, Grandma, and Aunt Joy.#writing

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Prosperity's Hoppin'

Thanks to all the patrons and friendly neighbors at the Prosperity Shoppers Walk today. We had a great time and can't wait to try your products.  @carriesoutherland and @Wickless-scentsy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cute Tuesdays

Hoping everyone is having a lovely day and enjoying this beautiful day. I just chatted with a long time friend and we were giggling away like little school girls. Anyway here is what brought a smile to my face during our bad bad conversation. Enjoy! :):)