Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Climb

Today I thought about the choice I made to self publish my book En Route to Emery. Some people are born with luck in my opinion. I know some people don't believe in luck, but I do. The cards we are dealt when we are born are different, and some of us get a good hand while others get a bad hand. I know that there are several people in this country and others that have it worse than I do which keeps me from complaining (most of the time), but I have it pretty good in most areas except for when it comes to my career. I have held several jobs on my quest to finding myself, but writing has always been a part of me. I fear that I can't have it all at times and wonder if I have struggled in the career department because I luckily have a successful home life. Would it be so unjust to have a career I love and a happy home life along with good health? Back to my original thought. I made the choice to self publish because I am one of those people that disagrees that someone else should be in charge of my fate. I don't agree with the idea that some random person in an office should have the right to close doors or stand in the way of an opportunity that has my name on it. I am thankful for the self publishing revolution that is happening now because it has allowed me to experience holding my very own creation in my hands and share it with people that support me as well as those that I am meeting along my way. I am just beginning and I can comfortably say it feels good.